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MRI Smith & Nephew Knee


What is an MRI Smith & Nephew Knee?

With “patient matched instruments” your surgeon can achieve more accurate implant alignment that is custom to your unique knee anatomy.

While in our office you will have a specialized MRI of your knee dedicated to the Smith and Nephew process.  Also you will have X-Rays of the entire affected leg. Once these are done they will be uploaded into an advanced web-based software program.  This software will generate virtual images of your knees, which are then used in surgery.

This method removes multiple steps from the traditional surgical approach as well as the time under anesthesia may be reduced.  Less of a loss in blood and lower risk of infection are also benefits to this procedure.



There is no special prep for this procedure


What to expect?

Please plan to be in our office for about 45 mins to 1 hour. This includes time to fill out necessary paper work, the MRI scan, and the X-Rays of the affected leg.