Q: Why do I need to register each time I have a test?

A: Even though you may have previously registered for services at Atlantic Radiology Associates, we will ask you to register at the time of each visit, so that we can confirm that your information is current and accurate and avoid any billing errors.

Q: When will my doctor get my test results?

A: Our goal is to report your test results to your physician within 24 – 48 hours.

Q: I want copies of my test results sent to my other doctors. Can this be done?

A: Yes, please ask our radiology services, receptionist, to arrange this.

Q: How do I get copies of my test results?

A: The best way to get your test results is from the ordering physician. Your doctor will be able to explain the results and how they relate to your overall medical situation. You can also obtain a copy of your medical record from Atlantic Radiology Associates. Contact our offices at (912) 350-8436. Obtaining your test results in this manner will take longer and involve fees.

Normally, radiology services does not give patient test results directly to the patient without written authorization from the ordering physician. However, the patient may sign a medical release form available from the radiology services department and can receive results within two business days.

Q: Can I find out what my tests will cost before they are performed?

A: Yes, please let us know when you arrive that you would like this information before any services are performed. You will be told our full price, or “retail” fees. Any contractual discounts will vary depending on your insurance.

Q: Will my insurance cover my tests?

A: Atlantic Radiology Associates’ radiology services department accepts virtually all insurance carriers with the exception of any HMOs for whom we are not an approved provider. We do recommend that you contact your insurance carrier to confirm your coverage plan and what portion of charges they will cover.

Q: Will my insurance company(ies) be billed automatically?

A: Both your primary and any secondary insurance you have will be billed for the services you received based on the information that you gave to the registration department.

Q: If I have a primary insurance carrier that will not cover any of the test costs but my secondary insurance carrier will cover all costs, can Atlantic Radiology Associates bill my secondary carrier instead?

A: Unfortunately, no. If you have both a primary and secondary insurance carrier, Atlantic Radiology Associates is required to bill your primary insurance first and then bill your secondary insurance afterwards.

Q: May I pay for my tests myself?

A: Yes, you can be registered as a “Self-Pay” patient and pay at the time of service. Or, if you prefer, you can receive a billing statement from Atlantic Radiology Associates.