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MRI Liver Iron Quantification (Ferriscan)


What is an MRI Liver Iron Quantification (Ferriscan)? 

A FerriScan is a type of analysis that provides a measurement of liver iron concentration (LIC) by using a non-invasive MRI scan.  MRI images are obtained and securely transmitted to a FerriScan accredited analysis facility.  Results can then be downloaded within a 48 hour time frame. With the LIC measurement the referring physician can keep track of total iron loading and adjust treatments accordingly. This liver iron concentration is more reliable than that provided by serum ferritin. Also, patients do not have to undergo the timely, painful process of a liver biopsy.



There is no prep required


What to expect:

A FerriScan lasts only about 15 mins and is quick, easy and painless. There is no risk from radiation and contrast agents are not used. Once all metal has been removed from the patient and they are changed into the appropriate clothing the MRI FerriScan can be performed and the acquired data is sent securely to the analysis facility. Once there a quality controlled analysis process generates a liver iron concentration (LIC) report.